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These videos and links are designed to help benefit teachers with different aspects of teaching law. As always, I’d love to hear feedback or suggestions on new things to produce. From time to time, I also reference material from other professors and students that I think can really make a difference to the learning experience.

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  • Clicking through the classroom
    This 30 minute video, produced in August 2014, explores my use of on-line clicker technology in the classroom. It explains why I use it, how I use it and what you might not want to do with it!
  • Enhancing the Flipped Classroom - Part 1 (5mins)
    This short video discusses a few tips on how to enhance your use of the Flipped Classroom. The tips for today concentrate on the use of problem scenarios, and the issue of how to "time" problem solving.
  • Enhancing the Flipped Classroom - Part 2 (5mins)
    This is Part 2 of a discussion on how to enhance your use of the Flipped Classroom.  The tips for today concentrate on "Flash Hypotheticals", and the use of factual variations.
  • Experiential Learning (10mins)
    In this video blog, I turn my attention to the teaching experience and, in particular, how it is possible to integrate experiential learning into your law seminar.  I also talk about the benefits of doing so, drawing upon my experience teaching animals and the law.
  • Flipped Classroom with Peter Sankoff and Craig Forcese
    In late 2013, I was on a panel with Craig Forcese of the University of Ottawa - another dedicated "flipper". We talk about the potential and challenges of this teaching method. We co-wrote and published a paper that draws upon the panel discussion.
  • The Future of Law School
    Here's my first talk on the Flipped Classroom, from the Future of Law School Conference (Edmonton, 2013) that explains my reasons for moving to this mode of teaching.
  • Use of film in the classroom
    I use a great deal of film in the classroom as a way of letting students interact with good examples in a visual way. In future, I will post a video blog talking about my experience in this area - and what makes a good movie extract. But until then, I wanted to share this wonderful short instructional video, "'Reel' Teaching" from Paul Bergman of UCLA Law School, which achieves a similar objective.
  • Workload in the Flipped Classroom (15mins)
    In this video blog, I explore the connection between workload and efficient use of the flipped classroom. Is it more work for students, and if so, can students still be interested in the process? The answers, as my students told me, are "yes" and "yes". Learn how!