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Anita Kranjc Trial: Mischief for Giving Pigs Water? (20mins)

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The Anita Kranjc trial is underway, and it has already raised a host of good legal questions.  I explore them in this video blog.  What is she being charged with? What will the Crown need to prove? Does she have any possible defences?

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The James Forcillo Trial (20mins)

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This VLog examines the Forcillo trial, where a Toronto police officer is charged with murder after shooting the victim on a Toronto street car. I examine the nature of the offence, and how it is driven by the definition of murder – even though this case differs a great deal from the “ordinary” murder case.  In particular, I consider whether …

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Reversing the Burden of Proof in Summary Conviction Trials (10mins)

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Talk about flying under the radar. Two days ago, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the case of R v Goleski from the bench. In the process, it confirmed that s. 794 imposes a burden of proof on the defendant to prove certain defences and excuses in EVERY summary conviction trial. This is not a good thing. To find out why, watch …