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  • Section 24(2): Current Trends (Professor Steven Penney)

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    Section 24(2): Current Trends (Professor Steven Penney)

    Recorded: April 2020, 90 minutes

    This seminar highlights the key components of the section 24(2) application. It includes a review of the post-Grant jurisprudence, an examination of empirical findings on how the provision is implied across Canada, and a discussion of the future of the exclusionary remedy.

    Among other issues, Professor Penney addresses the oft-neglected “obtained in a manner” requirement, the relevance of police training, the intricacies of the “discoverability” doctrine, the relevance of racial profiling, and the possibility that the SCC’s recent decision in R vs Omar may herald a newfound reluctance to exclude.

  • Hearsay Exceptions: An Overview of the Law

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    Hearsay Exceptions: An Overview of the Law

    Recorded: 7 April 2020, 85 minutes

    In this seminar, Professor Sankoff looks at the principled approach to hearsay exceptions, explaining how this affects admissibility.

    It includes detailed coverage of most of the major exceptions to the rule including spontaneous utterances, admissions, admissions against interest, business records and the residual exception.





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