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In 2020, during the COVID pandemic, Professor Sankoff decided to start a new educational initiative. With so many lawyers at home, it seemed like an ideal time to provide them with learning opportunities at a very reasonable price.

In March 2020, he launched Professor Sankoff’s Seminars, a program that now provides learning seminars on a host of different topics. The seminars are delivered by Professor Sankoff and other experts on criminal law, criminal procedure and evidence. Though most of these are geared to criminal defence lawyers, anyone can sign up to watch them.

In contrast to most online continuing legal education initiatives that charge lawyers over $100 for an hourlong session, Professor Sankoff’s seminars have been designed at a low cost, and focused on reaching out to as many lawyers as possible. From the beginning, his seminars have been made free to anyone who is laid off or unable to find work because of COVID-19. This includes articling students, or those unable to find an articling placement.

The seminars are both topical and practical, geared towards helping lawyers navigate issues that arise in the courtroom. The focus is on topics of evidence, criminal law and criminal procedure that are of interest to lawyers in the courtroom and during trial preparation. Professor Sankoff focuses on information you need to make the courtroom experience more effective. Every seminar goes through problems you might face in court, and Professor Sankoff designs them to be interactive. He regularly poses hypothetical problem questions to the audience, and every problem is then dissected in detail to make sure the answers are understood. At the end of each seminar, Professor Sankoff stays on line to answer your questions – providing advice about matters that you might be facing right now.


Attendance at any seminar gets you access to the recording FOREVER, to watch on your schedule.

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Professor Peter Sankoff

BA (Concordia), JD (Toronto), LLM (Osgoode)


Missed a seminar? You can now order on demand.

1) Hearsay Exceptions – April 2020

2) Section 24(2) Update (Steven Penney) – April 2020

3) Section 13 of the Charter: “Yes – He Said it! That Doesn’t Mean You Can Use it!” – May 2020

4) Collateral Facts: A Strategic Guide – May 2020

5) Section 276 – Part I (Overview/Scope/Approach) – June 2020

6) Section 276 – Part 2 (Particular Applications/Constitutionality) – June 2020

7) Hearsay: A Guide to the Rule – June 2020

8) Advancing “Right to Counsel” Challenges: Recent Developments and Litigation Strategies (Steven Penney) – July 2020

9) Consent and Honest Mistaken Belief in Consent – Let’s Get a Few Things Straight – July 2020

10) The Crown Refuses to Call This Witness – Now What? – August 2020