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Due to popular demand, you are now able to purchase our Case Alerts and Cheat Sheets separately from our Annual Pass. Our Case Alerts produced by Professor Sankoff run between 10-20 minutes and provide bite-sized overviews of critical decisions coming out in the courts. They normally come out on Friday or Saturday and are a good way to get a little bit of fun learning at the end of the week. Our plan is to produce 50 each year! Please find a few examples below.

1) Electronic Evidence: Our First Case Alert, free to everyone, examines a problematic issue: the admissibility of “screenshots” taken by third parties and whether these meet the requirements of the Canada Evidence Act. The case is R v Martin, 2021 NLCA 1. (January)

2) Section 276: This alert explores a problem arising with sexual activity evidence, and the application of s 276 to non-sexual assault prosecutions. It addresses a very helpful decision you’ll want to have to narrow the scope. An edited version is available. (January)

3) Right of Reply: This alert explores the Nunavut Court of Appeal decision of R v Akpalialuk, 2021 NUCA 2 and the right of reply in addressing the judge or jury at the end of the case. Edited version available. (January)

Starting this month, we now also offer Cheat Sheets! These cheat sheets will cover particular areas of interest and include 3-4 page summaries of important jurisprudential issues. We are planning on creating 8-10 a year. Email us for a sample!

Our Case Alerts and our Cheat Sheets are part of the exclusive material our annual pass holders receive including access to our seminars plus the video recordings afterwards. If at any point you wish to convert to an annual pass and also get access to all of our 2021 Seminars, you can upgrade by contacting our Seminar Coordinator.

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