Here are some of my very favourite links…..

With ALDF Founder Joyce Tischler and Professors PaulWaldau and Steven Wise, 2008

Animal Justice Canada: Canadian organization of lawyers working on animal issues in Canada. I’m one of them!

Animal Legal Defence Fund: Love their work.  Love their philosophy.  Love what they’ve done to advance animal law as a discipline in North America.

Animal Legal and Historical Center: Wonderful resource page from Michigan State if you’re looking for legal information or the animal laws governing in a particular jurisdiction.

Bleaching Law: Craig Forcese’s blog on teaching law.  He shares my view on flipped classrooms and has plenty to say about them.

Center for Animal Law Studies: Based at Lewis and ClarkCollege of Law, this is where you go to learn about animal law.  Their summer program, which I was lucky to be a part of in 2010, is loaded with amazing courses to expand the mind.

The Court: Great initiative from Osgoode Hall Law School that allows students to write blogs about the Supreme Court of Canada.

CrimProf Multipedia: Cool initiative from two profs at Oklahoma University, designed to provide a host of freely available media tools to anyone teaching criminal law or procedure.

Farm to Fridge: If you’re not sure why current farming practices are bad for animals, watch this 12 minute video by Mercy for Animals. [Warning: Extremely graphic content.]

Global Journal of Animal Law: A great initiative out of Finland that I am proud to be a small part of.

Hearsay Exceptions: Everything you ever wanted to know about the res gestae exception – done with Lego!

How to Be the World’s Best Law Student:  Superb video from Warren Binford of Willamette University with 8 tips on how to become a great law student. I have a minor quibble with Tip #1 (I do not tell students to put computers away, especially in my flipped classroom), but the rest are pretty golden – especially Tip #7 (adopt a Prof).

How to Flip Without a Flop: A Video seminar of a talk on flipping the classroom with Craig Forcese filmed at the University of Ottawa on October 8, 2013.

Institute for Law Teaching and Learning: What a resource!  Loaded with great ideas and information about law teaching.

Mohsen al-Attar: The web page of my friend and former colleague Mohsen al-Attar of Queens University Belfast.

Problems with Animal Cruelty Law: A wonderful TED talk exploring animal cruelty law in Canada by Lesli Bisgould.

SAFE: My New Zealand colleagues who have done unbelievable things for animals there.   This is a first-rate resource page.

SOLVE BBQ in the “Glory Days”, 2009

The Solution: A wonderful blog I had a part in establishing, run by two former students from New Zealand. It is the last remnant of the law school group SOLVE, formed in 2009.  A number of my blog entries from 2009-2010 are posted there.

University of Alberta Blog: This is the Faculty’s blog on legal issues, where I occasionally contribute.

Voiceless, the animal protection institute: Just an incredible organization that has done an immense amount for animals in Australia.   Fantastic resources here.