Legislative Reforms to Help Animals: Overview (7mins)

In Animal Law, Law Reform, Legal Education, Video Blogs by Peter Sankoff

In a video blog I put up earlier this year, I described the experiential learning component that I use in my course on Animals and the Law.  It’s called the “Legislative Reform Proposal”, and it’s designed to give students a chance to see what they can do to “fix” the law governing the way animals are treated.  Sixteen students came up with a range of different proposals, and, quite frankly, I thought they were great.

It seemed silly to me to leave all this innovative work in the classroom, so after obtaining permission from my students, I’ve decided to share it with you.  Over a series of five VBlogs, I will set out the student proposals, and comment upon them.  I hope you will find it an interesting way to learn about animals and the law, and think about ways in which the law can treat the subject differently.

In this video blog, I explain the process, and outline the five subject groupings that will be covered.  I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me!