Evidence Law

The Rules of Proof in the Trial Process

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In 2014, I began a new project. My objective was simple – I wanted to make the laws of evidence more understandable to law students, lawyers, and the public at large. These videos are the result. I began with 28 capsules for my Evidence Law class – and these capsules still make up the core of this collection. Over the past few years, I have added Case Comments and additional videos on a host of evidentiary rules. My hope is to eventually have a video analysis of every rule of evidence there is. I hope these are of use to you!

My latest video

  • Burden of Proof in Criminal Proceedings

News and updates

Ghomeshi verdict slammed but law prof saw it coming CBC News, March 2016

“The testimony just didn’t come out very positively for the Crown and there were problems for each witness so when you know about how the ‘proof beyond a reasonable doubt’ actually works in operation, I can’t say I was surprised by the verdict,” Sankoff told CBC’s Alberta@Noon …more



A complete treatment of the law of evidence as it applies to evidence given by witnesses in civil and criminal proceedings as well as before administrative tribunals, public inquiries and legislative committees. A practical reference work, providing coverage of evidentiary issues as they arise in these types of proceedings. Individual chapters examine testimonial evidence under the subject headings of competence, compellability, compelling attendance, refusal to give evidence, credibility, corroboration and privilege. ...more

The Portable Guide to Witnesses

A comprehensive and practical manual for the busy litigator. Easily accessible chapters examine a wide range of issues that lawyers face when preparing, examining or cross-examining witnesses in all manner of judicial proceedings. ...more