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Anita Kranjc Trial: Mischief for Giving Pigs Water? (20mins)

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The Anita Kranjc trial is underway, and it has already raised a host of good legal questions.  I explore them in this video blog.  What is she being charged with? What will the Crown need to prove? Does she have any possible defences?

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Ghomeshi, Consent, Sexual Assault and Bodily Harm (15mins)

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In this video blog, I address the question of how sexual assault can be committed between two “consenting” adults, where bodily harm is intended and caused by one of the parties. In short, the Blog suggests that the relationship between BH and consent is not as clear cut as many media reports have made it out to be. It is …

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Mike Duffy and the $90,000 Cheque – Part 1 (5mins)

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In today’s video blog, which I envisage as being Part 1 of 4, I’m taking a look at the charges against Mike Duffy relating to the infamous $90000 cheque provided by Nigel Wright.  This blog focuses on issues likely to arise when the Crown attempts to prove one of the three charges brought in relation to that cheque, specifically: s. …