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The Travis Vader Verdict (30mins)

In Case Comments, Case Comments, Charter of Rights & Freedoms, Criminal Law, Homicide, Mental Elements, Procedural Issues by Peter Sankoff1 Comment

Thirty Minutes! I promise not to go this long again, but there was a lot to say here, and a fair bit of legal complexity.  After Thomas J.’s stunning decision to convict Travis Vader using an unconstitutional section of the Criminal Code, most people are wondering, “what’s going to happen to the conviction?”  There are a lot of potential legal …

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The James Forcillo Trial (20mins)

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This VLog examines the Forcillo trial, where a Toronto police officer is charged with murder after shooting the victim on a Toronto street car. I examine the nature of the offence, and how it is driven by the definition of murder – even though this case differs a great deal from the “ordinary” murder case.  In particular, I consider whether …