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Anita Kranjc Trial: Mischief for Giving Pigs Water? (20mins)

In Activism, Animal Law, Case Comments, Case Comments, Criminal Law, Cruelty, Defences, Law Reform, Mental Elements, Physical Elements, Procedural Issues, Video Blogs by Peter Sankoff

The Anita Kranjc trial is underway, and it has already raised a host of good legal questions.  I explore them in this video blog.  What is she being charged with? What will the Crown need to prove? Does she have any possible defences?

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Legislative Reforms to Help Animals: Overview (7mins)

In Animal Law, Law Reform, Legal Education, Video Blogs by Peter Sankoff

In a video blog I put up earlier this year, I described the experiential learning component that I use in my course on Animals and the Law.  It’s called the “Legislative Reform Proposal”, and it’s designed to give students a chance to see what they can do to “fix” the law governing the way animals are treated.  Sixteen students came …

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Bill C-246: Amendments to Canada’s Cruelty to Animals Provision (35mins)

In Animal Law, Cruelty, Law Reform, Video Blogs by Peter Sankoff

In this video blog, I address some recent critique of Bill C-246, which aims to amend the animal cruelty provisions in the Criminal Code. The critique was written by Robert Sopuck, MP. In this video blog, I explain why the majority of criticisms don’t actually hold up to critical examination. In fact, many of them are downright preposterous.