Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law

cdnpal full coverReleased in 2015, Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law is the first book-length jurisprudential work to engage in a sustained analysis of Canadian law regulating the treatment of non-human animals at the hands of human beings. Co-edited by Peter Sankoff (Alberta), Vaughan Black (Dalhousie) and Katie Sykes (Thompson Rivers), it contains contributions from professors and lawyers across Canada.  Our hope is that this book will help enrich the discourse on animals and the law in Canada by situating doctrinal issues and legal developments in the broader context of ethical and philosophical debate about human-animal relationships.

Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law should provide invaluable assistance to legal scholars, practitioners and students eager to explore these areas in greater depth, as well as being a useful resource for instructors and students in the growing number of law school courses on animals and the law. The book is published by Irwin Law and available for sale at the Irwin Law website.  To learn more about why I wanted to work on this project, check out my V-Blog on the subject.

With Katie Sykes and Justice Louis LeBel at the book launch: Toronto, April 2015
With Katie Sykes and Justice Louis LeBel at the book launch: Toronto, April 2015

On May 31, 2015, Michael Enright of CBC Radio recorded an essay, calling Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law an “important book”, and one that makes “a strong case for consideration of rights for animals”, noting that “bestowing certain rights on animals would enhance us as a country.”

Here is the table of contents:

Foreword by Claire L’Heureux-Dubé

Introduction by Black, Sankoff and Sykes

Part I – A Philosophical Prelude

1. Philosophy and the Case for Animals by Angus Taylor (University of Victoria)

Part II – The Fundamental Prohibition: Unnecessary Suffering

2. Rethinking the Application of Canadian Criminal Law to Factory Farming by Katie Sykes

3. Traffic Tickets on the Last Ride: Undue Suffering in the Transportation of Farmed Animals by Vaughan Black

Part III – The Fundamental Classification: Property

4. Darwin “the Ikea Monkey” and the [R]evolution of the regulation of exotic pets in Canada by Mary J. Shariff (University of Manitoba)

5. The Canadian Seal Hunt as Seen in Fraser’s Mirror by Lesli Bisgould and Peter Sankoff

Part IV – Different Communities: Municipal, Aboriginal, International

6. Municipal Governance and Innovative Shark Conservation Efforts: Problems and Prospects by Cameron Jefferies and Eran Kaplinsky (University of Alberta)

7. Animal Rights and Aboriginal Rights by Will Kymlicka and Sue Donaldson (Queens University)

8. Indigenous Rights and Relations with Animals: Seeing beyond Canadian Law by  Constance MacIntosh (Dalhousie)

9. Whales and Seals and Bears, Oh My!  The Evolution of Global Animal Law and Canada’s Ambiguous Stance  by Katie Sykes, Joanna Langille (J.S.D. candidate, University of Toronto Faculty of Law) and Robert Howse (Lloyd C. Nelson Professor of International Law, New York University School of Law).

Part V – New Tactical Approaches

10. Charities, Animals and Social Change: Charting a more Charitable Approach to Animal Advocacy by Maneesha Deckha and Sarah Runyon (University of Victoria)

11. What does false advertising have to do with animal protection? by Camille Labchuk

12 Bringing Animal Abusers to Justice Independently: Private Prosecutions and the Enforcement of Canadian Animal Protection Legislation by Sophie Gaillard (SPCA Montreal) and Peter Sankoff

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