Continuing the Dialogue (Second Edition)

With Celeste Black at the Sydney launch of the book, July 2013

A second edition of Animal Law in Australasia was officially launched in July 2013 and is now available.  Steven White and I were joined for this edition by Celeste Black of the University of Sydney, who co-edited the book.  Our hope is to “continue the dialogue” and build upon the success of the first edition by exploring a host of new subjects relevant to animal law in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to updates on several existing chapters, new Chapters focus on:

  • Dangerous Companion Animals and the Law: A look at the treatment of “dangerous dogs” with consideration of the controversial breed banning legislation in New Zealand, and the way in which dogs can be easily disposed of, despite the fact that the harm is usually created by irresponsible owners.
  • Animals in Entertainment: An overview of the way animals are regulated, and the shortcomings of that regulation, in circuses, zoos and safari parks
  • Challenges in Prosecuting Animal Cruelty Offences – A chapter examining many of the practical challenges involved in investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty offences.mal cruelty offences.FED-Sankoff 2e Cover Rghs2
  • Aquatic Life and Animal Welfare Standards – The science on fish sentience is relatively new but is growing, with research on fish welfare and humane slaughter coming from the aquaculture industry.  This chapter examines these developments and consider why the concerns re fish welfare do not seem to have filtered into the wild caught sector.   Public concern has been more about by-catch, habitat degradation from drag nets and protecting dolphins and turtles.  Why is this?
  • International Dimensions of Animal Cruelty Law –  This new chapter focuses upon critical animal issues with an international dimension, focusing on live export and other pertinent animal law issues with an international dimension (whaling cases in Australia, etc.).
  • The Political Side of Reforming Animal Welfare Law – A chapter examining the difficulties (and causes of those difficulties) in getting changes to animal protection law in Australia and New Zealand.  This chapter is written by Sue Kedgley (former Green MP in New Zealand for 15 years, and author of her own book on genetically modified foods).
  • The Animal Welfare Trade-off: This Chapter examines the relationship between human and nonhuman animals in terms of a trade-off: the pact humans make with themselves to justify their own conduct. In the face of mounting evidence of failure to treat animals humanely, this chapter will seek to explore the dissonance between pact and practice, the attendant rationalisations and the implications of basing animal use on a lie.

We are very proud of this project.  To learn more or obtain a copy, visit the Federation Press ALIA page.

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