cover picManning, Mewett and Sankoff: Criminal Law, 5th ed [co-authored with Morris Manning, Q.C.](Lexis-Nexis, 2015): A comprehensive treatise on Canadian Criminal law, this entirely revamped work addresses both the foundational principles of the criminal law and the offences in the Criminal Code, as well as defences and some procedural matters.  You may purchase this book from the Lexis Nexis website.

Witnesses (Toronto: Carswell, 1991), looseleaf (3-4 supplements annually), 2 volumes[co-authored with Alan Mewett since 1999, sole author since 2001]: A comprehensive two-volume treatment of the substantive, procedural and evidentiary law relating to witnesses in civil, criminal, administrative and Parliamentary forums, first published in 1991 by Professor Alan Mewett.   Witnesses is published by Carswell/Thomson Reuters (Canada) and is available for purchase by clicking here.

The Portable Guide to Witnesses, 3d ed. (Toronto: Carswell, 2006 (1st ed.), 2011 (2d ed), 2014 (3d ed)): The book is designed to be a comprehensive and practical manual for the busy litigator.  Easily accessible chapters examine a wide range of issues that lawyers face when preparing, examining or cross-examining witnesses in all manner of judicial proceedings. The Portable Guideis cross-referenced to Witnesses, which allows the practitioner to access detailed analysis and commentary away from the time-sensitive environment of the courtroom. The combined effect of these two works provides a complete treatment of the law of evidence as it applies to evidence given by witnesses in civil and criminal proceedings as well as before administrative tribunals, public inquiries and legislative committees.

The Portable Guide to Witnesses, 3d ed. is published by Carswell/Thomson Reuters (Canada) and is available for purchase by clicking here.

The Evidence Act 2006 Revisited for Criminal Lawyers (Auckland: New Zealand Law Society, 2010) [co-authored with Scott Optican] This 165 pg. monograph assesses the changes wrought by The Evidence Act 2006 on New Zealand’s litigation process.  It examines the jurisprudence that has emerged in the two years since the Evidence Act revamped New Zealand evidence law and consider how significant those changes have been.

cdnpal full coverCanadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2015)[co-edited with Vaughan Black (Dalhousie) and Katie Sykes (Thompson Rivers)] This exciting project has as its objective the first book-length jurisprudential work to engage in a sustained analysis of Canadian law concerning the treatment of animals at the hands of human beings. It contains contributions from professors and lawyers across Canada. The hope is that it will help enrich the discourse on animals and the law in Canada by situating doctrinal issues and legal developments in the broader context of ethical and philosophical debate about human-animal relationships.

Animal Law in Australasia: A New Dialogue (Sydney: Federation Press, 2009)[co-edited with Steven White]: The first book ever published in Australia or New Zealand devoted exclusively to the subject of animal law.  In it, Australian, New Zealand and international experts cover topics ranging from core concepts and theoretical questions around “animal welfare” and law, to specific matters of concern: animal cruelty sentencing, live animal export, recreational hunting, and commercial uses of animals in farming and research. To  purchase a copy of the book in Australia or New Zealand through Federation Press, click here.  In North America, this book is distributed through Irwin Press.

FED-Sankoff 2e Cover Rghs2Animal Law in Australasia: Continuing the Dialogue (Sydney: Federation Press, 2013)[co-edited with Steven White and Celeste Black]: In 2009, the first edition of Animal Law in Australasia started a “new dialogue” designed to bring concerns about the laws governing the human treatment of animals to light. This second edition continues the dialogue in an effort to assess core concerns in animal welfare law and examine a host of new issues in the field.  This second entirely revised edition builds upon the significant developments in animal law that have occurred since the publication of the original version and also addresses emerging areas of concern, with eleven brand new chapters.  Contributions from Australian, New Zealand and international academics and practitioners cover topics ranging from the explanation of basic concepts of animal protection and theoretical underpinnings of animal law to specific matters of interest including the regulation of companion animals, the use of animals in research, dog control legislation, animals in entertainment, the use of codes of welfare, the application of welfare standards to fish, the impact of WTO regulation on domestic efforts to control cruelty and Australia’s new regulatory regime for live exports.

To  purchase a copy of the book in Australia or New Zealand through Federation Press, click here.

Canadian Encyclopedic Digest – Evidence (Volume 24, Carswell, 2011): One of Canada’s leading resource texts, the Digest provides a thorough assessment of Evidence law in Canada.