Animals as Property in the Criminal Process (10mins)

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In a recent case out of Ontario, the OSPCA has seized 23 dogs from a dog fighting ring and is now seeking a judicial order trying to have them all euthanized. Why would the OSPCA do this, especially when a number of dog rescue organizations have come forward volunteering to take the dogs and place them in homes outside of Ontario (where keeping pit bulls is illegal)?  I suspect one reason might be because the OSPCA has limited options in law. I explore the legal problem of treating dogs as property, and how this limits the ability to do what’s in their interests in this video blog.


  1. Thanks for your comments. Actually, if you listen closely, I don’t assume anything. I am trying to explain flaws in the law which, in my opinion, are very real. I certainly think it is worth questioning the actions of the OSPCA in a variety of circumstances. I have myself questioned, many times, the merits of having a private charity act as a public investigator, and agree that this conflict can be problematic. Please try to avoid condescending remarks, as these do not lead to any sort of constructive dialogue and will certainly preclude my responding in future.

  2. That should have said, the priblem is that you ASSUME they are operating with in the best interests of the animals. And please pardon the typos, working on a small device.

  3. The only problem with what you are saying, is that the OSPCA, or any SPCA, IS in fact operating in the best interests of the animal. A year ago I would have said I believe thery are. However since having our dogs seized, that were much loved and well cared for, we have learbed that the OSPCA is extremely corrupt, and money driven, as are SPCAs the world over. Removing the owner’s rights prior to completion if process is wrong. The OSOCA has no oversight, and has a long, long history of removal and then extortion. 29 directors resigned because of this a few years ago, abd one, Carl Noble, called their actiibs fraud. From the outside, the OSPCA appears to be a good organization, but if you really wish to know them. PLEASE start digging. Look up RAAW on facebook. Look up GIVE BACK THE DOGS on facebook. It isliterally the tip of a massive iceberg. Google the OSPCA Newmarket massacre 2010. The OSPCA lies, distorts truth and manipulates facts. Look at salaries of this charity. The CEO, Kate McDobald majes over $270,000. per year, more than 60,000. over what the Ontario premier receives to run a province. A charity, whose goal is to raise money, should NOT have unchallenged police powers. Please contact me if you want much more info, in order to be informed.

  4. also legislation on the specific breed of dogs in the Ontario case (Ontario pit bull ban) would no doubt have an impact.

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