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Paw & Order

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Canada’s first-ever animal law podcast

In January 2018, in conjunction with Animal Justice, I began a new initiative – the Paw and Order podcast. Recorded with my co-host Camille Labchuk, this bi-weekly podcast explores all sorts of animal law issues, with the goal of shining a light on what’s wrong with animal cruelty in Canada.Every podcast explores a special topic of interest, and early episodes have focused upon federalism, whales in captivity and the perils of dog breeding. But there’s more! Each episode, we examine animal law news of interest and take questions from our listeners, trying to explain why animal laws fail our animals so badly. And no episode is complete without our rendition of Heroes and Zeroes, a chance to honour those who are doing great things for animals, while giving those who are failing them the dishonour they deserve.

For more information about Paw and Order, or to pose a question for our Q&A segment, contact me or send an email to Animal Justice, at

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